Lexa the Spartan Princess

In the land of Sparta one young brave warrior stands alone with the power to overcome an ancient magic. Lexa, the Spartan princess must face this great enemy and with her most trusted companions she prepares for what seems the impossible. 

Defeat Sparta's greatest foe... an enemy with no equal who possesses an evil force which the God's themselves have failed to control.

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Yanni J Theodorou


SavvyBookworm presents a new fantasy adventure mystery, Lexa the Spartan Princess. These children stories cater to the creative mind ready to explore new adventures based in the historic land of ancient Greece,... Sparta. The land of mythical creatures and bold new enemies await!

When looking for books that my young daughter wanted to read, it became apparent positive role models were hard to find.  Main characters of common reading selections in bookstores, and libraries featured cruel behaviors, actions and language of nonsensical meanings. I was inspired to write about Lexa, a female character that could be a strong role model who was thoughtful and kind to others.  A book that would entertain and educate. Before I knew it, my daughter was excited and helping to create the stories eager to find out what was going to happen next.

And so the story began, I hope your family enjoys it as much as my family did creating the series, Lexa The Spartan Princess.

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